The centerpiece of this timeless space is a stunning 3D bronze and steel sculpture of the clubs iconic crest. Raised from its middle is an exquisite bronze football which will become a touchstone for generations of hearts fans. Alongside, sit three steel benches, each dedicated to members of the Hearts family Fans, family and friends enter through a magnificent steel gate; designed to reflect the clubs proud history and heritage. Within the garden, a quieter and more private and intimate space awaits.

A custom built room is an even more secluded place, ideal for quiet reflection. The main feature of which is an intricate and ornate stain glass window, originally made for and presented to Hearts legend John Robertson. Standing guard above the garden arises a proud memorial trust bronze, depicting a soldier of the 16th Royal Scots in 1914. Standing noble between the Wheatfield and Roseburn Stands the soldier proudly holds a football alongside his trusted rifle.

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