Forever in Our Hearts Memorial Garden

In the busy, modern world in which we now live, it can be a difficult to find a peaceful, contemplative space in which to remember those who have gone before us.

The Forever In Our Hearts Memorial Garden offers that space.Unique in British football, it is located on the site of the famous Tynecastle Shed at the corner of the Wheatfield and Roseburn Stands and is entered through a magnificent steel gate.

The centrepiece of this intimate space is a captivating bronze and steel sculpture of the club’s iconic crest. Raised from its middle is a bronze football that we hope will become a touchstone for generations of Hearts fans. A custom-built room for quiet reflection forms one of the key features.

It includes an ornate stained glass window, originally made for and presented to Hearts legend John Robertson. Over-looking the Garden is the stunning 1914 Memorial Trust bronze statue depicting a soldier from the 16th Royal Scots Battalion.

Purchase an engraved Heart

You have the opportunity to honour a friend or loved one with a personalised engraved heart that will proudly adorn the walls of the garden. These hearts will be a beautiful and fitting tribute to generations of Hearts supporters and a permanent reminder to future generations to come.
The Forever in Our Hearts Memorial Garden Hearts are brushed polished, stainless steel and are available for £215 (including VAT)

How to order?

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