Forever in Our Hearts Memorial Garden

In today’s busy, modern world, it can be difficult to find a peaceful, contemplative space in which to remember those who have gone before us.

The Forever in Our Hearts Memorial Garden offers that space. Unique in British Football; the garden is located on the site of the famous Tynecastle Shed at the corner of the Wheatfield and Roseburn Stands and is entered through a beautifully crafted steel gate.

The centrepiece of this peaceful space is a captivating bronze and steel sculpture of the club’s iconic crest. Raised from its middle is a bronze football that we hope will become a touchstone for generations of Hearts fans. A sheltered room for quiet reflection is also provided, which contains an ornate stained glass window, originally made for and presented to Hearts legend John Robertson. Over-looking the Garden is the 1914 Memorial Trust bronze statue depicting a soldier from the 16th Royal Scots Battalion.

Purchase an engraved Heart

You have the opportunity to honour a friend or loved one with a personalised engraved heart shaped plaque that will adorn the walls of the garden. These plaques are a beautiful and fitting tribute to generations of Hearts supporters and a permanent reminder to future generations to come.

The Forever in Our Hearts Memorial Garden Plaques are made from brushed polished, stainless steel and are available for £215 (including VAT).

How to order?

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